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[voicemail] ryder's voicemail

It's me. Not here. Do yer thing.



ooc: Feel free to comment here to reach both muse and mun! Alternately, Ryder is available on his AIM messenger screenname JustCallMeFreud. All messages sent there WILL be answered in character.

[myl] 65.1 - situations i avoid

- discussing my past
- discussing my biological family
- going to the gym with my brothers
- fights
- drinking too much
- making promises
- getting too attached
- trusting too much

...hey, never said I was good at avoiding 'em.

[10Spot] 004 - 10 lies and one truth

1) Sizz masterminded the Sal's Underwear Rope caper.

2) I'm just yer average guy...

3) I'd never hurt anybody.

4) I'm pretty mellow.

5) Not much of a fighter.

6) I got a life outside music.

7) I could settle down, raise a family...

8) Life is good.

9) I don't believe in monsters.

10) I love what I do.

{11} I love my brothers...and I'll do anything to protect them.

[ftm] 11.4 - clash of power

ooc: It's an image challenge, but the muse got inspired. :P

“You’ve gotta stop.”

“You gotta split.” His voice was calm and even, despite the fact that his limbs felt strangely hollow, weak from the effort of his latest kill. The warmth of blood on his hands was invigorating, comforting.

“I’m not gonna let you keep doing this, man. She wouldn’t want it.”

Ryder looked up from his blade and into the eyes of the man who ought to have been cheering him on. Tommy Karras had absolved him of his sins, or come as close as he was likely to get. It didn’t quite fit, why he was there now to stop him.

Especially when the latest Immortal was dead at his feet...Collapse )

Muse: Mays Ryder
Fandom: Highlander (OC)
Words: 540

[ftm] 1.5 - blood

He could feel the blood under his fingers, hot and slick on the copper-wrapped and silver wire as he played. They gleamed, ruby-wet and flashing bright under the lights onstage as he played, the educated muscles and fingers finding traction easily as the amplifiers wailed behind him.

Like the blood on his sword, the scarlet lines in flesh as the Hunter lay at his feet, broken and barely clinging to life. His final breath was pained and wasted, the sound of the Reaper’s voice as he gave Ryder a lead to follow…his first in the quest for vengeance, the worst in his search for some kind of atonement for his sins.

Stepping up to the mic, he sang in perfect tune, never missing a beat. It still came out as a scream of desperation and grief, a howl that earned him looks from his brothers…the only ones that knew something had to be wrong.

Like the screams that sometimes escaped when he woke from the nightmares that began again. Too often now, he saw the pain and fear in Alegria’s face when she was with him, soothing him back to sleep with quiet songs and gentle touches as he struggled for the courage to sleep again, to relive the horrors of his past and the new atrocities of his present.

The music knew what he had done, every note he played pleading with him to expose his sins, to stop the rivers of blood that flowed from his fingers to coat the strings and stain the stage beneath his feet. It screamed for an end to retribution, it prayed for the souls of the murdered, the departed.

Like the Immortals pleaded for their lives when Ryder found them, when he used their eternal life against them. He’d let them die one time, only once before he ended their lives the second time. The sword still cut true and clean as he decapitated each one of them at the end…when they refused to talk to him.

The shows ended with a haze of delirium and grief, a shadow none of his brothers could break through. The blood stained his hands and his eyes, the legacy of the Hunter sat heavily back on his shoulders…weighty and painful, but familiar. Comfortable.

Good, evil…one of them had killed Ziyah Ambrogio. And if he had to watch their blood poison his music and stain his guitar every night for the rest of his life, he’d find the one who killed her.

He would make them pay…then the flow of blood would stop for good.

Muse: Mays Ryder
Fandom: Highlander (OC)
Words: 429

[otc] 34.1 - g.k. chesterton quote

Fairytales don’t tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that the dragons can be slain.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once upon a time there was a soul, a man thrice born and thrice judged pure of heart by the great gods of the afterlife. He was a good and loving soul, simple in his ways and in his virtue. Though his heart was exceedingly good, his life was unremarkable and simple as he was. You wouldn’t know his name, for he was no great figure or humanitarian…even he forgot his name when his life was done and final judgment came.

So The Man stood before the judges and had his life’s actions weighed. Twice a resident of the Elysian Fields, he was considered in his final trial for admission to the Isle of the Blest, where only the bravest and best of souls go to eternal rest.

Sent to wait in the poplar fields between worlds, The Man walked and wondered about his future with the calm and uncaring curiosity of the pure and the trusting: even if he were sent to Tartarus, his heart would believe only that the gods had done what they thought best...Collapse )

Muse: Mays Ryder
Fandom: Highlander (OC)
Words: 833

[ftm] 10.7 - fall out boy lyrics

NOTE: The song Alegria is singing is this one from Cirque de Soleil. Alegria is brillo_abajo and used with generalized permission from the mun, and lots of tender loving care. Blame me if it's ooc. ;p

I wanna scream 'I love you' from the top of my lungs
But I'm afraid that someone else will hear me

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Serena…coma la rabia de amor…Allegria…como un asalto de felicidad…”

It was the middle of the night in Sunset Park, and he was content to just listen and feel as Alegria played her guitar and sang. The grass was cool and damp beneath the blanket they sat on, his guitar planted faithfully in his lap, but his arms were folded across the top with his chin resting atop them.

Her voice carried up and out into the darkness, down and straight through the heart of him. He could feel her power bubbling in his blood, the force of a thousand songs screaming in his head and heart just waiting to be written…but he could also feel that the words, the notes, weren’t for the artists in her care. They belonged to him and him alone.

She finally trailed off, opening her eyes to smile at him and laugh...Collapse )

Muse: Mays Ryder
Fandom: Highlander (OC)
Words: 655
1. guitarcenter.com
2. gibson.com
3. fender.com
4. knac.com
5. epiphone.com
6. wikipedia.org
7. danzig-verotik.com
8. ovationguitars.com
9. occultpedia.com
10. tocapercussion.com

Mays Ryder
Highlander (OC)
1. Les Paul guitars
2. Scrabble
3. lavender perfume
4. Vic Firth sticks
5. Spector basses
6. music
7. Greek mythology
8. wild animals
9. biology
10. Road to Ruin bar & grill
11. Thin Lizzy
12. dancing
13. John Coltrane

Mays Ryder
Highlander (OC)

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